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Acoustic Movable Wall Installation Serving Midlands & London

Elevate your office with acoustic movable walls in Birmingham, Midlands and London.


Nutone Interiors based in Birmingham, provide custom designs, eco-friendly options, and professional installation. Free consultation available.

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Fully Insured & FIS Accredited

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Over 30 Years Of Experience

Optimise Your Office Space with Expert Acoustic Movable Walls

Transform your office space into a perfect blend of style and function with Nutone Interiors’ expert acoustic movable walls. Based in Birmingham and extending services across the Midlands and London, Nutone Interiors combines over 30 years of engineering excellence with FIS accreditation to offer superior office fit-outs.

Why Acoustic Movable Walls?

Noise distraction is one of the top complaints in open workspace environments, often leading to significant drops in productivity. Nutone Interiors addresses this issue with bespoke acoustic solutions that enhance privacy and reduce noise—ensuring your office is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally sound.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our dedicated project engineers oversee every detail from site survey to installation, ensuring seamless integration of our acoustic solutions into your workspace. With Nutone Interiors, expect a meticulous approach to scheduling and project execution, allowing for swift, non-disruptive installation processes.

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Customisable Solutions for Every Space

  • Acoustic Wall Panels & Ceiling Rafts: Customise with any print, colour, or fabric to match your office décor.

  • Acoustic Pods and Booths: Ideal for confidential meetings and concentrated solo work.

  • Digital Sound Masking Systems: Uses advanced technology to maintain ambient noise levels without disturbing employees.

Benefits of Choosing Nutone Interiors

  • Enhanced Privacy: Transform large areas into secluded pockets for focused work or private discussions.

  • Improved Productivity: Minimise noise disruptions from common office disturbances like ringing phones or air conditioning.

  • Flexible Design Options: From printed panels to fabric wraps, tailor your space to fit the unique style and needs of your business.

  • Sustainable Choices: Ask about our new PET products made from recycled plastic bottles, combining eco-friendliness with cutting-edge design.

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Ready to redefine your office environment? Contact Nutone Interiors for a free consultation and discover how our acoustic movable walls can revolutionise your workspace efficiency and aesthetics.

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