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Office Drywall Partitioning Serving Midlands & London

Enhance your workspace with expert Drywall Partitioning from Nutone Interiors based in Birmingham.


Ideal for offices in Birmingham, London & the Midlands Areas. Free consultation available!

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Fully Insured & FIS Accredited

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Over 30 Years Of Experience

Optimise Your Office Space with Expert Drywall Partitioning

At Nutone Interiors, we bring over 30 years of specialised experience in office renovations to provide top-quality drywall partitioning services across Birmingham, the Midlands area and London. Our FIS accredited engineers are skilled in transforming your open office spaces into efficient, private work areas using advanced drywall solutions.

Why Choose Drywall Partitioning?

This type of partitioning is used in offices across the country and is a cost-effective way to partition large open spaces. Drywall partitioning offers a range of benefits including fire protection and noise reduction. We have been installing this type of plasterboard partitioning for over 30 years.

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Benefits Of Dry Lining

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our drywall options are budget-friendly and provide a significant impact on your space without a heavy financial burden.

  • Quick Installation: Due to the lightweight nature of the materials, our team can install partitions quickly, minimising disruption to your daily operations.

  • Enhanced Privacy and Noise Control: Incorporate acoustic improvements and privacy in your workspace with partitions that reduce sound transmission.

  • Fire Resistance: Our partitions offer up to four hours of fire resistance, enhancing the safety of your premises.

  • Flexible Design Options: Drywall can be finished with paint, wallpaper, or laminates to match your office’s aesthetic.

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Your Partner in Office Design

Whether you’re updating an existing office layout or setting up a new space, Nutone Interiors is your trusted partner for all your partitioning needs. We pride ourselves on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments that reflect your company’s brand and values.

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Comprehensive Partitioning Services

Our drywall partitioning services are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses:

  • Custom Layouts: We tailor partitions to fit the unique dimensions and requirements of your space, ensuring optimal use of every area.

  • Acoustic Enhancements: Ideal for settings that require sound privacy for meetings or concentrated work sessions.

  • Energy Efficiency: Optional cavity insulation can be included to improve thermal efficiency, potentially reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Seamless Project Management

From the initial consultation to the final touches, Nutone Interiors handles every aspect of your partitioning project with professionalism and attention to detail:

  • Expert Consultation: Our experienced engineers assess your needs and provide personalised advice to ensure the best outcomes for your space.

  • Detailed Planning: We meticulously plan every installation to align with your operational schedules and avoid unnecessary disruptions.

  • Professional Installation: Our accredited team executes each installation with precision, backed by decades of industry expertise.

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Experience the Nutone difference today. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote and discover how our drywall partitioning solutions can transform your office into a more productive and inviting place. Let us help you create the perfect space for your team to thrive.

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